Monday, July 28, 2008


So i guess i should work on updating this. ha I've had it since February and i haven't touched it. So i will just talk about my life and whats new. I moved to Las Vegas on July 11th, and have loved it. I get to play with my nephew, who is the cutest little boy every, everyday and i get to see my sister a lot more than i used to also! I work for Kierston being a nanny and also for Kyle doing customer service stuff. They have been more than helpful since i have moved down here. I have been back to Hurricane a couple times to see my family and ha i must say the drive is a little annoying but its good to see them. I've missed them. I pretty much just work everyday that i can and try to meet new people. I've only met people at church, and i must say thats a very good place to meet people. Umm i really think thats all, ha my life isn't all that grand right now. But i miss everyone and hope everyone is doing good back home.



kelsey gubler: said...

im glad your blogging! ha ha. keep it up friend.

sammygrace said...

i agree with kelsey, im glad your blogging! i saw your link from sammi's blog and you didn't have anything on your blog so i hadn't added you because i figured you didn't use it. so now im going to put ya on mine because, even though we didn't hang out much this year (it was awesome being inthe royalty though with ya we rocked that part of high school haha) i figure now that your in vegas, we should keep in touch, like i told ya at ace now i can't run into ya and say hi anymore! so check out my blog man and ill try an keep ya updated! keep on keepin on down there in vegas!

Meg said...

We are glad you are enjoying Vegas. The girls are a little jealous your not their nanny:)Lucky Kiersten. Have fun and keep us updated on your Vegas life.