Tuesday, December 16, 2008

late night thoughts.

So its 1:00 in the morning and i can't sleep. Im like wide awake right now which is super weird cause i've been tired all night. its been forever since i have been on here and a lot has happened. im done with massage school in 10 weeks which is nice. cause then i can start working and start making some money! i've made some awesome friends down here in vegas. at church and at school. we hang out alot. so im not to much of a loser ha. its almost christmas and im really excited to go home and hang out. it hasn't been that long since i was last down, but i miss my family. and plus!!!! Keevin gets home two weeks after christmas! i am so excited to see him. im going to miss part of my class to go and pick him up from the airport and then we are having another christmas with him! i really have missed him. oh my and me and kason turn 19 this coming up year! and he will be leaving. it will be really weird to have him gone. i've never been away from him for longer than....well the 5 months that i've lived down here. but its good for him so it will all be good. ha he sucks at emailing so he better get better at it :) lets see school is going really good. i have clinic every saturday, and clinic is just where i get to work on the public....its like an internship for massage. so im getting alot of practice for that. and lets see i'm almost done with all my finals for the semester!! only two more and then i get to come home!! YAY!! umm i still don't have a real job. ha i just babysit for kierston and her friends when they need me too. so thats good. it gets me money to get by....sort of ha. well still no new boys in my life. boys suck ha we will just leave that at that :) and i really should get to sleep but for some odd reason im wide awake and probably won't go to sleep for a while. but im done for now cause i have nothing to say anymore and im just rambling on. i hope you enjoyed this. i'll try not to wait so long to write again. night everyone :)


kelsey said...

woah, karli has been blogging. weird! ha ha. its nice to see though. and YEEEAH karli made friends :) ha ha just kidding i knew you wouldnt have a problem with that.

k. hinton said...

kelsey i want to look at your blog but it won't let me!