Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yah i know its about time right? okay so here are how things are going with my life. I am working for my brother in law kyle in accounting! ha yah who would have ever thought i would do that right? I finished massage school, took my nationals (and passed!) and just recieved my license! But now i don't know what i want to do with that. I kinda just want to build up my own personal clientel. (is that how you spell that?? ha) So if any of you guys know anyone who wants a massage let me know! okay lets see i also have a boyfriend which is pretty sweet ha. I just moved into the master bedroom in my apartment and so i've been cleaning and moving all weekend. ha i'm so excited for kierston to have her 2nd baby! its about time for her to have him already! if i do say so myself :) okay well i know that everyone wanted an update on my life ha but thats all i got right now. i'll put up some pictures later.

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rick & kels said...

goll. FINALLY. keep it up kar-butt.