Saturday, June 27, 2009

soooo we took Kason to the MTC on wednesday the 24th of July. and surprisingly i didn't cry! good for me! i thought i was going to bawl! but he was just so excited to get out of hurricane and get on his mission! he had his mission farewell on june 21st. (which was also fathers day!! happy belated fathers day daddy love you!!) ha i was with him though so i told him then! :) kason did pretty good on his farewell talk but i think he had a little to much fun with zach while they were sitting up on the stand. ha oh well. after sacrament i got to talk to a bunch of people that i haven't seen or talked to in a really long time so it was good to do that! then i went to my moms house and we made food and just visited with everyone. we went and took family pictures up on kolob and i think they're gonna turn out pretty good, but we will see. i'll post some of thsoe up just as soon as i get them from my mom. ohhh i have bangs now. haha i got them on saturday, last saturday. i was ready for a change they are cool. a pain to get to go the way i want them to, but cool. haha lets see after the pictures we celebrated mine and kasons birthday cause i wasn't going to be there the next day. my parents bought me a massage chair!! i was super excited! and k & j bought me a shirt and a necklace and the KKK family bought me some new MAC makeup. it was awesome. keevin took me to a movie and kason got me this cool picture thing. i took kas to a movie. ha

umm lets see on my actual birthday i had to work, it wasn't to bad of a day. after work i went out with coty and went shopping and then to sushi. it was good. after we went to kierstons cause she made me my favorite birthday cake ever! Caramel Brownies :) haha i went back to Utah on tuesday for kason's setting apart and then to take him to the MTC on wednesday. i'll miss but i knwo he is where he should be. well i hope everyone liked my little up date. its all i got really. oh and im super bored right now cause lindsay and leah (my roommates) are in utah and coty is in Alamo. good thing kierston needed me to sit today or else i would have gone crazy with boredom! haha ohh and side note laying out is sooooo boring! cant do it for the life of me. i lasted maybe a half hour today. haha okay now im done. peace.


rick & kels said...

ha i cant ever last laying out either. i get the front side of me for like a half hour then the back for like ten minutes ha ha. anyways crazy kason is gone! weird.

Colleen said...

we will all miss Kason. I hope to see you soon Karli. Love you!!!!

rick & kels said...

sooo you need to update. pictures please :)