Friday, August 14, 2009

Long time ehh?? :)

Wow so i guess its been a while since i have been on here. I told Kelsey that i would update it yesterday but my life has been a bit busy lately.....bahaha good one. Just the past few days have been eventful. Umm lets see I was supposed to go to Lake Powell with my family last weekend and by family i mean cousins and the whole shabang. buuuuut Coty has been really sick and has been in out and out the Hospital for the few weeks. So as i was on my way out of town i got the feeling that i needed to go and check on him before i left so I did and come to find out he had to spend the night cause they weren't running tests till the next day. So i thought about it and i didn't have the heart to leave him there alone. I mean would you? So i let my parents know that i wasn't coming and they weren't to happy about it cause we would miss some quality family time but oh well. So last Friday i sat in the Hospital for 10 hours. haha watched like 3 movies some tv and just hung out. i was there until the kicked me out. haha then i went home passed out and woke up early the next morning to go back. So Saturday i was there for 8 hours until they let him go home. We watched some more movies and i took a nap, in the very uncomfortable hospital chair. haha okay so that was last week. this week was very boring until Wednesday after work. i start driving home and as i pulling out of my works parking lot i think to myself....hmmm my car is driving funny so right as i turn out of the lot it hit me, I have a flat tire. dannng. so i pull off to the first side street and call lindsay to come and pick me up. Then we go and get coty to change my tire. haha i know how to change it but hey if you have someone else who can do it why not ;) so then i take it to Big O to have them fix it and they are all booked up so i have to leave it there over night. which is fine cause i can just bum a ride off Lindsay, THANK GOODNESS FOR HER! ha so lets see after that we went food shopping, FINALLY. haha then the next day after work we go to pick up my car and i see it and it still has the spare and i just thought crappppp they couldn't fix my tire. so after a long time there and a few many phone calls to my dad we came up with a plan. get a new tire with road side hazord thing and an alignment for a very good deal if i do say so myself :) the only thing is i have to wait another day for my car. i feel bad for lindsay having to drive me all around. So thats my life for the past while....nothing to interesting. This weekend i'm going to Alamo with Coty, Jameson, & his girlfriend Lisa. I'll talk about that next week when i get back. I'll try to take some picutres.....oh i do have some pics though. haha i'll post them.

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rick & kels said...

FINALLY! ha ha. well im glad that you got your car fixed and that coty is outta the hospital :) such a good girlfriend. well love you. come visit soon!