Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surprise Surprise!!

So today when I was at work I got a text from some random number with this and a message saying "Your brother say hi"

I was seriously so excited! I got a huge smile on my face and sent a picture back with me doing that same thing :) gotta love that twin vibe ;) ha ha I really miss Kason so this post is dedicated to him!! I wish that i had more pictures of us but i only have whats on my phone, which isn't a lot. So i hope you enjoy these!!

OHHHHHH and before I forget, EVERYONE needs to write Kason a letter. He said that he hasn't gotten a letter in a while so everyone needs to write him and help him out with that :)
Elder Kason Hinton
5345 Falls Way Apt 0
Buena Park, CA 90621
Seriously though write him a letter!! He would really appreciate it, actually when i asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted letters! So let this be my belated Christmas present to him.



rick & kels said...

awe fun! :) i sent my letter today and emailed you so forward those to kason! kthanks.

Colleen said...

I love the picture of you and Kason at the end. I miss him too!!! I miss you too Karli...

sdemille said...

ha thats awesome i bet that was fun when you opened up that text. I miss him SO much, and I am going to write him today!!:) miss you too:)

hello joyce?


Daryl and McCall said...

Aw, I got the same kind of text from Hunter on his mission. It's the best!!