Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What so i don't post for 3 months and everyone gets all touchy. ha ha sorry been busyyyy. First off I Moved into a new house :) love it! So much better and much more fun :) Second I got an extension on my Office job i do on Fridays! Yay for money!! whoo! 3rd the pool season is coming to an end. Last day for that is the saturday after Thanksgiving. Its getting pretty darn cold though so we will see how the next 2 weeks go! 4th I've had 2 weddings, which inclue the bachelorette parties, bridal showers, dinners, luncheons, and all the fun stuff :) ummm 5th i have a butt load of pictures. 2 weddings and then just random good times. ha ha i actually dont' have the actual wedding pictures yet but as soon as i get them i will try to post them! I just have the few that i took on my camera. Okay so lets get to adding pictures! Oh yah **RANDOM** i sliced my foot open on the glass table the other day. OUCH!! ugh it hurt so bad and i just bumped my foot and it made me think of it. yah feel sorry for me. ha ha just kidding. but really it hurt.

Me Sarah & Sean At Sarahs "Pre Bachelorette Party"

Me & Sarah after the Pool Party event.

Jadey Me & Annie at Jadey's Wedding
(that was a cup of red bull just so you all know :) )

Me & Coty at Jadey & Brady's Wedding
(Someday we will get a good picture together)

Me & Coty At the PBR (Professional Bull Riders)
It was awesome.
Ohhhh also my hair looks short in this picture, almost makes me want to cut it. Any thoughts?

Coty & Me before Keev's wedding.

Ash. Me. Colleen. & Kels. at The Southpoint Hotel
We had a sleepover :) thanks for letting me crash!

Kels & Me before the Vampire Weekend Concert.
We were super excited :)

Me before Keev's wedding

Me and Jordan (Coty's little brother) at his birthday BBQ party.
Sorry these pictures are in random order. I suck at blogging. so be happy you get a post :) maybe one day i'll be all fancy like all of you guys :)


Colleen said...

It's about time!!! Love your pictures. Miss you Karli Sue. We need another sleep over. Love ya

rick & kels said...

FINALLY! you look so cute for your friends wedding, glad you found a black dress! :) love the little net hair thing, so cute. also DONT cut your hair because look how pretty it looks for keevs wedding, you look gorgeous. i like the picture of you and coty before his wedding too its way cute. oh hey go get the picture off my blog of me you and sam, its way cute. well that was along comment. love you friend. glad you updated :) now lets do it more regularly.

Sara Soda said...

If you do cut your hair, you should donate it to me so I can wear it as extensions. :) I have always, always, always loved your hair!!!

sdemille said...

oh my gosh i never thought this day would come! YOU BLOGGED!!! keep it up please!! love the pictures, you look gorgeous at both weddings!!!! p.s dont cut your hair!;)