Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well I Suck

Well jeeze its almost been a year since I have posted anything. I'm sorry but my life just isn't all that exciting. All I do is work. really. no life here. But thats okay. I mean just kidding I kind of have a life? i dunno i'm going to try to be better at this. can I make it my new years resolution in September? haha that way i'll fall off my resolution in a few months and can start over in January. I don't want to post pictures right now. But lets see what has happened since last November when I posted last! Well I had just gotten my raise to Laura's assistant a few months earlier, We had our Christmas party! SO MUCH FUN. ummm I cut all my hair off, I turned 21! Whoo! I became single. and now all I do is work. I'm taking a Vacation to California in 2 weeks. I am so stinking excited! I am going with Laura to SD and LA areas. We will be there for a week and I am just so ready for a Vacation! I really need it. So I will fill all of you in on that. And I think im just going to start over. haha Pretend I just started my blog and we will go from there. haha okay well I'm out.

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rick.and.kels said...

WOAH! Did karli really post?!? Let's see if you can keep it up!