Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! :)

well first off merry christmas :) and second off i'm sick :(

i woke up this morning with a cold. a major headache and i felt like i was going to throw bueno!

but we got up and did our first round of christmas. ha my brother is getting home off of his mission on january 6th so we are having another christmas with him and all my siblings! cause my sister her husband and son couldn't make it (they were with his family) so we will all be together. so we each opened one present from our parents and then had waffles for breakfast!! A great christmas tradition if i do say so myself and then i went to sleep cause well i figured that would be the best thing to do cause well im sick.

well when i woke up we got to talk to my brother keevin (who is on his mission) for like an hour and a half which was way good. i miss him so much i can not wait to see him!! so the rest of the day was just pretty chill. it still doesn't seem like christmas to me. at hasn't really seemed like the christmas season ya know??

OH MY GOODNESS I WOKE UP TODAY AND WE HAD JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SNOW ON THE GROUND!! HA HA SO THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS EVER!! :) ha i wasn't going to really count it cause there wasn't that much snow but hey its hurricane and it never gets that much snow! :)

umm anyways so theres my christmas for sick and we didn't really have our christmas yet. ha ha but you just wait two weeks hopefully i won't be sick and my whole family will be together and it will just be great! ha maybe there will be more snow?? who knows. okay im done i'll stop boring you....if anyone reads this. ha ha okay merry christmas.

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