Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year!

So I am going to try to be better about blogging this year. its not a resolution or anything cause i can't ever keep those! ha its just going to be a goal :)

But i am so excited my older brother Keevin gets home from his mission on Tuesday. My parents went to pick him up and have been in mexico for almost a week now. So it will be good to see all of them.

This past week i've been babysitting Karver while Kierston and Kyle went to Cabo. He was so cute but a handful! ha and tiring. now i understand why my sister is always so tired. kids are exhausting. ha but thats what i was doing for new years. i went to bed at like 11 ha someone texted me happy new years at 11:03 so i woke up then and just said to myself happy new year but then i quickly passed out again. ha

umm lets see what else is going on. I'm starting my last semester of school! i'll be done in march. my graduation is march 13th i believe. but i could be wrong ha ha i've heard a couple different days. but i really am so excited to almost be done! im excited to go out and get a real job and have money. ha ha

but i think thats all really. my life is super lame.....ha oh well.

Well i hope everyone had a great 2008 and i hope everyone will have an even better 2009

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