Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cool new trends.

Some random facts about me. ENJOY! :)

1. I love the smell of rain. i could seriously just sit outside while it is raining and just spend hours. give me a blanket, book, and some hot chocolate and i am so content.
2. Now that i have moved away i have found that when i go back home to hurricane i like to spend as much time as possible with my family.
3. I absolutely hate giving talks infront of large groups but i LOVE to be the center of attention.
4. I love to watch movies so much. i can just sit there and watch them all day. I also could quote movies all day.
5. Laughing is my favorite thing to do, plus its a great work out. kill two birds with one stone SCORE!
6. I have so many songs on my ipod but i tend to stick to the same songs for a while.
7. I am terrified to go out and start my real life now that i am almost done with school.
8. I love to be a flirt but then once i get guys to like me i push some of them away.
9. I hate shopping. If i can go in real quick and get what i want im happy but if i have to spend hours just looking through things i get in a really bad mood.
10. I am hooked on those teen Soap Operas ex: One tree hill. Gossip girl. The oc ect...
11. I wish i could sing better so i could perform.
12. I play the piano to vent out my anger...thats how i got good at one point.
13. once i get into books i don't like to do anything else until i am finished with that book.
14. kissing is one of my favorite things to do.
15. i am such a sucker for romance!
16. i cry in almost all chick flicks and sad movies. i try to hide it but im usually just sitting there crying.
17. i need to stop swearing so much....
18. i am an extremely sarcastic person and yet i am not the most sarcastic in my family. we got it from our mamma :)
19. i really am excited to get married and start a family, i don't want to wait as long as i put on.
20. i love to play card games, or just games with my family.
21. i am a sore loser in those games.
22. i am surprisingly good at guitar hero....or at least i used to be.
23. i can't stand catty girls, they give me a headache and yet i'm friends with alot of them.
24. i'm working on not being such a big flirt, trying to only flirt with the guys i actually like.
25. i keep almost all my feelings hiden because i am afraid of getting hurt. i don't like the pain of rejection so i try not to put my self out there all vulnerable. thats why i flirt with everyone. :)

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Colleen said...

I miss you...It was fun reading your thoughts. I hope to see you soon. Take care