Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ya Happy??

Okay so i guess it has been a while since i've updated.....thank you Kelsey & Shelbie for pointing that out to me, many different times. I just like to look at other peoples blogs and see whats up in their lives....ha i feel as if i don't really do that much. So i really don't have anything to share. But lets see what i can ramble on about for you guys :)

Its almost Christmas so i've been trying to get all my shopping done! whoo! i have 3 presents left to buy. and then i bought Kaulins but it hasn't come yet in the mail, i just hope it gets here in time!! It says it should get here on the 22nd so i hope that its on track! I think im gonna try to finish up my shopping on Saturday when i get back from Alamo. We are going up for a visit, just for the night. Which should be fun. ha i don't think i've been there since i last updated this blog! wow its been a while.

Work has been good. Its fun, i work in the accounting department for my brother in law, Kyle's, company. I work with some really fun people so they make work fun! I also do chair massages here on Fridays, so its good to get a little extra money :)

So i've been to two UNLV basketball games so far this season and they are really fun to go to. I know a few of the players on the team from when Joe played, Joe is my old roommates boyfriend, so its fun to watch people that you know i think. Anyways im supposed to go to one tonight. A few people from work are going also so hopefully i'll see them and we can hang out there.

I am now a college sports fan. haha I watched alot of College Football and now i am watching alot of College Basketball. Coty likes to watch it so if i wanna spend time with him i gotta become a fan. Its actually fun to watch. I'll pick a team right at the first and just cheer for them. Sometimes we go for the same team....sometimes we don't. :)

We also try to watch the Chargers play. I actually really like watching them play, they are an awesome team. We try to go to his dads house and watch it with him cause he is a HUGE chargers fan. guess thats where Coty got his love of sports from? ha i dunno.

I also got another new roommate FINALLY. It feels like forever since Lindsay moved, maybe because it has, and speaking of lindsay if your reading this COME AND VISIT ME! :) thanks. ha but Valerie, Kierston's friend, moved in on monday night. She is a really cool girl i like her. She has a little dog. its cute and doesn't make alot of noise. so hey thats a good thing! I guess i'll try to post pictures up later...i don't have any with me.

I hope that you are satisfied with my post kelsey and shelbie. haha i'll try to be better!


sdemille said...

THANK YOU!!! its about freakin time!!!!
and i am the same i just like to see what other people are up to..but if everyone was like us then we wouldnt have any blogs to in order for you to enjoy must blog too:) thats good that your liking sports though ha but tell coty your more important;)
I want to come visit soon so let me know when would be best cause i miss you lots!! love ya!

rick & kels said...

finally. it didnt have pictures though, so get on that :) well love you my dear little sports fanatic friend.