Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I think i'm getting two posts done in one week! whoo! Maybe im getting better at this? ha so anyways work lately has been a tad bit slow. or maybe its me not wanting to do anything? i dunno.

Anyways its like what 2 days till christmas?? yah im pretty sure it doesn't even feel like christmas. Maybe because im not going home, i don't have any christmas decoration up in my house, or that i put off my christmas shopping till the last minute. (glad to say im done finally) I actually wrapped all my presents and coty's familys presents the past two nights. It took me forever to do! and i had a sore back from sitting on the ground. But its good to know im all done! whoo!!

We are having Christmas at my sisters house this year. My parents wanted to come down here because they don't have any other grandkids to spend it with this year and Kierston decided to stay at her house so they are coming her to be with them. They want to stay home next year cause they are hoping they will have more grandchildren. *ahemmm kaulin and jue* just kidding. love you guys ;) haha

So my parents and Keevin are driving up christmas eve after they go to the annual christmas party at my Grandma Hinton's. Wish Kaulin and Julie were gonna be here too! it will be weird with out them! but then we will open presents there and eat breakfast there and just hang out and have a good ole' time :) ha ha

Saturday i'm heading to Alamo to watch Coty in his Alumni Basketball game and to have christmas with the Jone's (the family he lived with in High School) and then Sunday morning we are waking up early and driving to IDAHO! yah im gonna freeze there. His Mom and sisters and nephew live there. So im going to meet the rest of the family finally. I've been talking on the phone with his mom lately, just trying to get presents baught and what not, and she is just so excited for us to come up. which makes me excited too. I'm just not excited for one thing. THE BELOW FREEZING WEATHER!! I told Coty we weren't leaving the house at all. haha We are gonna stay up there till Tuesday or Wednesday then head home so i can get back to work!

Then its New Years.....i don't have any plans yet so yah....i'll try to put up pictures soon.... I don't really take that many pictures anymore. And i'm at work so i don't have pictures to put up anyways. Alrighty well i think this is enough rambling for one day.


sdemille said...

im sad your not coming here for christmas:(
make sure you stay warm in idaho though so you dont get sick...cause i am coming to visit soon!!!!just waiting for you to tell me when:) but have fun visiting coty's family and be safe!! and I will hopefully see you soon!!!love ya!!
Merry Christmas:)

rick & kels said...

make a snowman...

merry chrismas.

Colleen said...

We will miss you at Christmas this year. Have a Merry Christmas and have lots of fun in Idaho.

rick & kels said...

sweet sweet. call me when youre down sucka.