Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ivy Christmas Party

So this was in like the begging of December, but we just got the pictures for it. So i thought that i would add a post :)

It was at the Anthem Country Club, which is super nice and we had really good food. Then they passed out awards and prizes. I won a $100 dollar Amex card in the raffel. (i think thats how you spell that) Anyways after the prizes there was a dance party!! It was a lot of fun :) Apparently Coty has this hidden talent for dancing. He was the life of the party once that started. It was alot of fun to watch everyone, especially the ones who had a little bit to much to drink ;)

So here are a few of the pictures from the night. Enjoy :)

Me & Coty when we first got there :)

Coty's awesome dance moves.

Me & Kierston Laughing at Coty's dancing :)

Me & Kierston


rick & kels said...

you and kiersten are gorgeous! ha i laughed at the picture of coty dancing. i wouldnt picture him doing that ha ha. looks like fun. you should have posted a picture of the shoes and a full one of the dress! ha ha.

ps- i like this updated blog! everytime i look at it there is a new post! go kar-butt!

sdemille said...

hahaha coty!! I am with kels I love looking and seeing an updated blog!!!!:) come visit please:)