Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a little update.

I guess i haven't been keeping up with my blogging. So here is goes, and i might add this hurts to type, i sliced open my finger last night and it hurts to push down. danng it!

So lets see what is new, I am going to Hawaii!! Yay!! For one week with my parents, and then Kierston and her family. I am so excited i haven't been since my freshman year when Kierston and Kyle got married there. Im not going until March 1st so i have a month, but i seriously can not wait. Oh and im flying by myself....The flight that i found was $150 dollars cheaper. And i like the times better! I am flying out of Vegas at 6:45 and staying in Pheonix for a few hours and then getting to Kawaii at 3:40 their time. And then the returning flight i am leaving at 11 hawaii time and getting to Pheonix at 8:30 and then getting to vegas at 8:45 (the hour difference) I'm pretty excited about not having to wait in the airport on the way home. So im hoping to come home with a nice tan and a few book read :)

Other news, I went to Alamo this weekend for Coty's friends homecoming. He had a really nice talk. And i went to all 3 hours of church there and i really enjoyed all the lessons. I need to get in the habit of going to all 3 hours again. You learn so much and it really is good. Umm me and my friend Jadey had some good heart to heart talks yesterday. So thats always good to be able to talk to someone. ha

Oh i went to the UNLV vs. Air Force game last Tuesday. It was a black out game and it was good. UNLV won of course, Air Force isn't that good....But they play BYU this Saturday and im excited for that game. I need to take new pictures, but im not very good at it.

Coty's little sister wants to come stay at my house this weekend with me so im gonna have a girls night with her. I think we are gonna go Ice Skating (that part won't be a girls night i'll have Coty come, ha ha) but that should be interesting considering i've never gone Ice Skating before. Im asuming i'll have a very sore butt when i leave there.

Ohhh yah. Coty's birthday is on Valentines day but i ordered his present online and it got here way faster than i thought it would so i just decided to give it to him cause i was so excited. Ha it was only 2.5 weeks early, i think i'll have to get him another present to give him on his actual birthday so he has something to open but we'll see. Anyways I got him a Wireless Headset for work, and its really nice :) he was so happy when he got it, and that makes getting him present even more fun :)

Okay well i guess i'll be done. Peace.


rick & kels said...

hey you can always have a heart to heart with me :) yeah ill make you a header! just give me a little time. im SOOOO jealous youre going to hawaii!

sdemille said...

you little freak why did you give it to him already!! so not patient!!ha your a dork. and you know im always willing to chat:)