Monday, April 12, 2010

Kauai Pictures.

Me and Kierston at the Beach.
Yes im very attractive i know
One of the MANY MANY roosters in Kauai.
Karver LOVED them! He kept saying cockadoodledoos gma!!

Those are the HUGE tsunami waves we were told to watch out for!

Love this happy boy.

Its so hard to get a smiling picture of him!

Pretty view :)

Karver and Papa

My hot mama :)

Kace :)

Karver & Kace. I think i had to bribe him to smile. ha!

View of the lighthouse.


sdemille said...

jealous, looks like you had fun! i wish i was in hawaii right now..that would be nice:)

rick & kels said...

wow two posts! thanks karbutt its about time!