Monday, April 12, 2010

Update time! :)

Wow, so its kinda sad that i don't even know where to start. I've gotten a new job! A Massage Job! FINALLY!! YAY! I work out at some of the hotels on the strip out at the pools. So im getting super tan. Actually the other day Coty looked at me and he was like you look orange Karli....i was just kinda like okay weirdo. But today i looked in the mirror and i do! I look like i've been spray tanning!! ha! except till you look at my crazy tan lines! Weird Vegas sun turns my skin orange. I probably look like an oompa loompa or something like that! Okay so about my new job im working at the MGM Grand, Luxor, and Hilton. We are suposed to be getting a few more properties here in the next few months! So im very excited for that! With my job its either a good day or a bad day. Ha i don't get paid to just be there. Its comission only... :/ so some days im super happy when i leave and other days......not so much. Ive had some awesome days lately so im pretty happy about that. But i have to take a CEU Class (continuing ed. class) so i gotta pay for that. DANG. i did all that this morning and i think i felt my bank account empty. ha! Alright so what else can i can talk about. I went to Hawaii about a month ago I'll post some pictures from that once im done with this writing. Most of you know all about that trip. Highlight was **drum roll please** me throwing up all over the drunk man next to me! ha! I went on a helicopter tour of the island and i couldn't handle the motion of it. oh well. it was hilarious. Anyways i got super burned from the trip too! Like i looked like a lobster. Never in my life had i been that red. Anyways i started work about a week after my new job and it was a good break for my body to heal before starting work out in the sun! I've been to Alamo a few times lately for Coty's friends homecomings. They have all done a good job and i think he only has a few more left that are out. I told him yesterday he better get ready to go to Hurricane for all my friends cause they are starting to all come home in the next few months here! CRAZY!! I really can't believe how soon everyone is coming home, seriously feels like they just left. Guess i have been down here for almost TWO YEARS! wow. So i've been trying to be crafty lately....or i guess with one project and its really not that crafty. just for me! I stained my magnet board. Or i guess i need to do it again cause its not how i want it yet but its a start! My room needs color and decorations! ha anyone wanna decorate it for me? Thanks. Ummm ohhh Coty FINALLY bought a car! I LOVE it. He bought an Infiniti g35. Its the two door coupe Sports Car. I love riding around in it. and i love that i don't have to drive that much anymore! I am a tad bit sad though, he did buy my car that i was saving up for. But hey now i don't have to buy it. I'll just use his......just as soon as i master the art of driving a clutch. I SUCK! He tried to teach me one time up in Alamo, lets just say it wasn't a success. Okay so i think that is enough rambling for one post. I will try not to wait two months to blog again. I seriously have been super busy. So Kels, Shebs, Jo && D BE HAPPY AND LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT THIS! :)


sdemille said...

yay its about freaking time!!!:) sounds like your keeping busy and you need a trip to hurricane?:) i agree!!

rick & kels said...

we will not leave you alone. you need to keep updating. ha i agree with shebls htown time. thats awesome youre getting tan. grr im jealous. love you tons girl. mwah!