Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas && a Happy New Year

So im a few days late, but hey im posting :)

So Christmas this year was weird. I didn't go to Utah, it was my first christmas not there. My parents came over to Kierston's and we celebrated it with the Kirschbaums. It was a really fun day, Karver went nuts with all his presents. It was so cute. I got some clothes, shoes, a new purse/wallet, a vacuum :) (oh im so excited for that. ha ) a new gym membership!! and then lots of other random things. So we just hung out around the house and got to talk to Kason! He is doing so good, infact you should all write him!! i'll post his address in a little bit, gotta find it! ha Then we did our gifts to Jesus, that is a new tradition that we started when Kierston married Kyle they have done it for years. What that is, is we make goals for the year and put it in a box and then the next year we see if we have accomplished them. Its funny to see past years. So after that everyone headed home. I went home to pack for Alamo & Idaho, and then headed to Alamo that night, i was bored and didn't want to sit at home. So Coty played in his Alumni basketball game the next night and according to him he didn't do that well but i thought he did good :) a little out of shape but hey i could never do that :) ha. That next morning we drove up to Idaho, im not gonna lie i was pretty proud of our timing. We did it, or i should say i did it, in 5.5 hours. We had christmas with his family and then had dinner, watched movies and just hung out. He has a little nephew who is a year and a half and he is so cute. Coty taught him how to say "I luhhh you" (love you) ha We went out to eat alot and went and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was a good movie, not the best but not the worst. We headed back to Alamo on Tuesday night and coty drove this time. I was to tired to Drive back to vegas so i stayed the night and headed to work the next morning.

So New Years :)

New Years eve i worked until 12 and then headed home to get ready for the day/night. Yes i realize that i do it backwords, getting ready for the day AFTER i've gone to work. But we all bummed it up and went to work in pj's. So Coty and some of his friends from alamo were supposed to get here around 230 buuuuut plans changed they didn't end up getting here until 7. which its all good. I did alot. Cleaned my house, read a book, i mean it was only 200 pages but hey i feel like i did good :) So when they got here we went to eat dinner and then headed to some "parties" they were super lame. So we went down to the strip and it was so much fun. Outside the New York New York they were having this huge dance party and we just hung out there. Danced until like 2 or something. They were throwing out the mardi gras beads and me, Michael, Chanae & Jessi collected quite a few :) Actually half of mine were giving to me by these two guys who chose me as their dancing partner. ha Coty & Michael wouldn't save me, they just laughed so i just danced it up. ha ha The Best of the night hands down was when Brindy (Michaels little sister who is a senior in high school) was just standing there and this drunk guy came up and started dancing on her. She just stood there shocked and didn't know what to do. We all just laughed and the guy just danced until we decided to move. After that we watched a movie and went to sleep at my house. Over all it was a fun and funny night :)

I also went to Utah on saturday and got my hair done FINALLY (it only took 6 months to do it) and it looks amazing thanks to Lillian. Then i babysat my nephews all day so that my mom and dad could go to funerals and weddings. When they got home we went to Jordan & Tasha's wedding reception, hung out there for a while and then went to st george. Me Tenille Kylee & Jace went shopping got some treats andd went to Tills && kys to watch a movie. I fell asleep in like the first 20 minutes. Woke up drove home and watched The Benchwarmers with Keevin and Trevor. I don't know if it was a funny movie or if it was me so tired that i was laughing at everything. watching movies at 2 in the morning can do that to you.

I have some pictures from my phone from new years and christmas in Idaho so i'll post those. But i have some more at home, and if my internet is working i'll post....but if not then oh well.

Okay hope you enjoyed :)


rick & kels said...

sounds like a fun holiday :)

Colleen said...

wow Karli it sounds like you have had a couple busy weeks. I hope that you are happy!!!!