Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures from Christmas && New Years

Okay, This is the Dance Party outside of the "New York, New York"
Another Dance party Picture

Coty, Me & Michael.
Yah, Were cute :) ha
Left to Right:
Drunk guy, who danced up on brindy when we first got there, then moved on to Jessi
Jessi, Chanae, Coty, & Me
The Black guy in the background is Chanae's new friend, i believe. ha ha

Brindy, Me & Chanae

Me & Coty on New Years Day

Me & Coty New Years eve on the Strip.
Its all blury...i moved my hand when i took it.

Me, Suzanne (Coty's Mom), and Coty

Coty & his Nephew Isaiah
Cute kid :)

Kace, I love his face!!
This was on Christmas Day

Cutest little boy you will ever see, well him and Kace :)
Karver on christmas Day
I think he was trying to take my phone? i don't really know.

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